Useful Tips for Easily Moving A Memory Foam Mattress

JaysonCanniff 21 Jun , 2021 0 Comments most effective bed

Memory foam mattresses are increasingly becoming one of the most popular alternatives for individuals who have difficulty sleeping. Therefore, what is the cause behind this? According to sleep experts, memory foam offers many benefits and is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from back pain or wake up when their partner tosses and turns. You may discover more about memory foam mattresses by reading memory foam mattress reviews.

When it comes time to move your memory foam mattress, the only time you might not like it is when it comes time to move it. As with any other mattress, moving a memory foam mattress is not always easy.

However, with the proper guidance, you’ll discover that it’s not quite as hard as it looks!

Continue reading for eight easy-to-follow tips on moving your memory foam mattress.

•Determine whether it is worthwhile to relocate a memory foam mattress.

To begin, is this mattress truly the mattress of your dreams? Is it still in a decent state of repair? Have you yet received your money’s worth?

The last thing you want to do is transfer a mattress that will be a little used. Why would you waste time lugging it to a dumpster in your new neighborhood when you could dispose of it immediately and save up some space?

If your mattress is in good shape and you’re sure you’re going to bring it, continue reading!

• Remove and pack the bedding from the room.

If you intend to keep your bedding, avoid relocating the mattress. Due to the lower resilience of bedding compared to the outer layer of your mattress, it is more prone to tear during the moving process.

Remove all sheets and blankets and store them in their original locations. They are excellent fillers for boxes carrying fragile or substantial items!

• Inspect the mattress for stains or rips.

Before you begin, conduct a thorough examination of your mattress. Is there anything particularly noteworthy on it? Is the upholstery rippling?

If that is the case, now is an excellent time to address those concerns. If the stain is small enough to remove using a stain remover or a patch, do so.

Even if your mattress is immaculate, it’s a good idea to give it a once-over. Then you’ll know for sure if it was destroyed during shipment in this manner.

• Invest in a plastic mattress cover to protect your mattress. Replace the mattress with plastic!

While the upholstery on your mattress is durable, you should still take precautions to prevent it from tearing or becoming soiled.

Plastic mattress covers are inexpensive and may be bought online or at big-box shops. Ensure that you order the proper size!

• Establish the Dimensions

After preparing your mattress, it’s time to select a size. You may desire to measure it regardless of whether you are sure it is a queen, twin, or king. You’ll be able to guarantee that the vehicle you pick is suited for the job.

Bear in mind that a smaller size does not necessarily translate into a more accurate movement. Although a king-size mattress is more substantial than a queen-size mattress, it does offer one advantage. The box spring for a king-size mattress is divided into two parts, making it more manageable than the box spring for a queen-size mattress.

• Take apart and wrap the frame

While it may be tempting to throw the frame into the moving truck as-is, resist. The bed frame is designed to sustain the combined weight of the mattress, box spring, and you. While this will require some heavy-duty metal, remember that your bedroom provides a solid surface, which is one of the reasons your bedframe does not buckle under force.

Metal bed frames are frequently straightforward to disassemble. However, take care to keep any hardware and wrap heavy metal components in moving blankets or foam to safeguard the rest of your possessions. By moving it vertically, you may pack it horizontally and vertically.

You’ll probably have to turn your mattress every which way to get it past your bedroom door, down the hall, down the stairs, and so forth. It is OK to flip it on its side throughout this operation. Memory foam is a versatile material that is both flexible and durable.

Unless you’re heading around the corner, though, avoid packing it on its side. If you keep a memory foam mattress on its side for an extended period, the filling will begin to shift, and you will most likely be unable to reposition it.

• Enlist the assistance of a moving company

Few individuals own a personal vehicle large enough to transport a mattress. Additionally, you may not want to place your favorite memory foam mattress in the open bed of a truck.

Rather than that, make things simple for yourself. Please conduct some research and contact the best moving company in your area. Ensure that you inform them about the size of your bed, as well as the approximate weight of the remaining items that will be transported in the moving van. If you employ a moving company, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about the logistics of shipping a memory foam mattress. The experts have seen and done it all! They can manage any size or shape of the bed.